output_RKiFaBBefore I tell you how my system works and how good it is, please check the results first by clicking the button on the left. Seeing is believing! See first, invest later! 

If you are happy with the results, you can read further. Otherwise, there is no point wasting our time if you are not satisfied with them.

How the MAM-PAMM system works:

  • It consists of 3 integrated sub-systems.
  • The first system uses 3 indicators to determine if there is up- or downtrend.
  • The second system executes long-term trades within the range of 10-35 pips to take advantage of the trend and consolidation phases.
  • The third system compounds many short-term trades within the range of 2-5 pips from each other to maximize profits.

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  • I try to ENTER at the bottom of an uptrend or at the top of a downtrend and EXIT when the trend reverses.
  • If I am right, I can make many pips. If I am wrong, I lose just a few pips due to a low Draw-Down value.
  • However, if the system starts making more money, I can use additional equity to add more trades or increase the Order Size.
  • The trades are CLOSED by a Trailing Stop, Invisible Stop Loss/Take Profit or Equity Drop.
  • Maximum EQUITY DROP (also called “Draw-Down” or “Risk Management”) is no more  than 25% (usually around 10-15%).
  • PROFITS are from 5-20% per day to 150-600% per month (see the results to make sure it’s true).
  • Of course sometimes the system can make more profits, sometimes less which depends on the market volatility and pairs we trade.
  • I usually trade 1-2 major PAIRS at the same time.
  • SPREAD is not very important, but it shouldn’t be too high. Best spread is from 1-3 pips, even 4-5 pips is OK, but more than that is too much.
  • All three systems use different TIME-FRAMES (each of them uses two Time-Frames)
    • 4H & 1W for determining the trend and executing Middle Range trades
    • 5M & 4H for executing compounding trades to maximize profits



M5 H4
H4 W1

Until recently I traded manually, but I asked one very good (and expensive) programmer to code this system for me so now I don’t have to trade manually any more.

The system is really good since it works both in trends and consolidations. Even if the market reverses for a short while and then trends again, the system can take advantage of it and doesn’t lose money in such a situation. It also increases the order size when the equity is higher to make even more profits faster.

I call it a “MAM-PAMM System” since I use it mainly on MAM and PAMM accounts to trade for my clients. It’s not forbidden by the brokers since it doesn’t use any method taking advantage of broker’s weaknesses which might lead to profit cancellations.

It works the same way on:

  • Demo and Real Accounts
  • Micro, Mini, Standard, ECN, and all other accounts
  • ECN, STP, Market Makers and all other brokers

It doesn’t use:

  • Martingale
  • Arbitrage
  • Short-term scalping

For more information about our system, deposits, brokers, etc. please contact me at:




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        • Hello Scy, thank you for your interest in our MAM-PAMM Fund Management. For further informations, we have sent details to your email. Thank you and have a nice day.

    • Hello Ranjan, kindly check your email.
      We have sent you the detailed information.
      We can make 100% profits in a month. Thank you.

  1. Hi dear.

    Can you work on my account with a balance of $ 250 or $ 500?
    What is the best broker for gaining high profits?
    Can you get a profit of $ 2,000 or more with a balance of $ 500 a week?


    • Hello Mahbobeh, thank you for your interest. Kindly check your email. We have sent you the details.
      Thank you.

  2. Hi, I want to know how it’s work. Can you please explain to me? I am waiting for your email. Please contact me as soon as possible. Thanks

    • Hello, thank you. We’ve sent an email. Please kindly check your inbox.
      Have a nice day.

  3. Hi William, thank you so much, this system is really great. It really makes 100% profit in a week. I will deposit again soon.

  4. Hello, I want to join this system. Is this really profitable? I am really interested with the results, that’s amazing!

    • Hello, Adam. Thank you for interested. Please kindly check your email for further information. Thank you.

        • Hello Krishna, thank you for your interest.
          Kindly check your email. We’ve sent you the details. Thank you.
          Have a nice day.

  5. Hi I want someone to manage my forex account. Can I find one who accepts the deposit as low as 500$?

  6. Hello, do you manage account? I want to start with $2,500, is it possible?
    Please help me, thank you.

    • Hello, yes our minimum deposit is $2,500.
      We’ve sent you an email too, please kindly check your inbox. Thank you.

    • Hello, we provide both Money Management Service and selling EA.
      For further details, kindly check your email.
      Thank you.

  7. Hello, I want to join. Please tell me how. Thank you and hope you can reply asap!

    • Hi, Keola. We already sent the details to your email. Please kindly check your inbox.

  8. Hello, I want to join this system. Please tell me more about this, please send to my email. Thank you.

    • Hi, Ngcebouyethu. We already sent the details to your email. Please kindly check your inbox.

  9. Hello, I am interested to invest. Could you please guide me how to join your system?

    • Hello Gerard, thank you for your interest. Kindly check your email. We’ve sent you the details. Thank you.

  10. Hi Will, thank you so much for the profit, I will withdraw today and give yours too.

    • Hi Mark, thank you very much. We hope you’ll join again and get more profit. Have a nice day.

  11. Hello, I want to join your system. Could you please tell me how to start? Please send me more details to my email. Thank you.

    • Hello Marie, thank you for interested. We will send the details to your email. Thank you.

  12. Hi. I am interested. I did sent an e-mail with some questions last week, but still no reply. Would like to know total min dep, and what will be your share? Also, with bigger balance if your share is lower?

  13. Hello, I want to join this system. Please tell me more about this, please send to my email. Thank you.

    • Hello Dennis, we’ve send the details. Please kindly check your email. Thank you.

  14. Hello Sir, how are you sir?
    Thank you very much sir I am really happy that you make much profit for me. I will deposit more balance nextweek. Have a nice day sir.

  15. Hello, I am really interested with your service. How can I start? How much is the minimum deposit? Could you please send me the details on email? Thank you.

    • Hello. Sure, you can start with $2,500. For further information, please kindly check your email. Thank you.

  16. Hi Williams, how are you? Thank you for the big profits. Today I will deposit again and hope you can make much profit again like you did last week. I will tell my friend to invest here too.

    • Hi Charles, I’m fine, thank you.
      Thank you for your feedback. Ok, contact me on emails when your account is ready and funded so we can start trading on your account.
      Have a nice day.

    • Hello Charles, thank you for your interest. Kindly check your email. We’ve sent you the details. Thank you.

  17. Hello William, can we start with $2,500? How much can you expect with that amount of deposit?

    • Hello. Sure, you can start with $2,500. For further information, please kindly check your email. Thank you.

  18. Dear Mr. William Garnett!

    Last week I started with the trading account with an $ 2,500 deposit and now $ 1300 profit is being made, which is a 50% return in a 3 days, which is the hammer!

    I would like to thank you for the seriousness and honesty of working on this website.

    I hope for a long-term good cooperation!

    Best regards


  19. Hi, sorry i have these questions:
    1. What is the guarantee that i will not lose my money
    2. i have a deposit with my broker Forextime can i use it
    3. The amount in the forextime account is $2500, can you trade successful with it.
    4.What is the average profit in a week for the deposit of $2500

    • Hello Akbay, please kindly check your email. We’ve sent you the details. Thank you.

  20. I am interested in participating and joining, how do I go about it please?

    • Hello Adedeji, kindly check your email. We’ve sent you the details. Thank you

  21. Hello Sir, I’m interested in your robot. One of my friend recommends your service and also your robot. I want to manage my account deposit 2000 USD first and then I buy your robot. Please send more info, thank you.

    • Hello Afolabi, thank you for your interest. Sure, we can manage your account. For more information, please kindly check your email. Thank you.

    • Hello Masato, kindly check your email. We’ve sent you the details. Thank you

  22. William, thanks for $15000 profits made in my account. Now I withdraw my money, then send you the profit share. Thank you so much!! I will deposit again.

  23. Hello Admin,
    I am interested to be a participant in your trading.
    How do i join please.

    • Hi Kobo, thank you for your comment. Please check your inbox. We’ve sent you an email how to join our money management service.

  24. Hello, I’m interested in your MAM-PAMM system. I’ll start with $2500 as your minimum deposit. My question is, when will we share the profit and how? SSend me more details. Thanks!

    • Hello Yasar. Thank you for your interest in our money management service.
      Once we make profits, you should withdraw the money and send us our profit share. If your deposit is $2,500 (our minimum requirement), the profit share will be 50:50 (50% for you and 50% for me).
      Let us know which payment method that you prefer to use:

      Choose one of the methods above so we can give you the details.
      For further information, kindly check your email. Thank you.

  25. I would like to know about your Robot. i have little money like 250 usd. i would like to know how to trade. can i be able to buy your Robot. how much does it cost

    • Hi Ashok, thank you for your interest in our MAM-PAMM.
      The minimum deposit is $2,500.
      We sent you already all of the information via email. Please check your inbox.

      • Can I have more info too. Very interested in it. Since, I don’t have to know anything about FX

    • Hi Kunal, you are welcome. You can also try to refer your friends to our money management service.

  26. Hello Kishor, thank you for your comment. We’re glad to hear that from you. We’re waiting for your investment.

  27. Hi Will, your profit is amazing!! I already sent the screenshot of profit share, kindly check your email. I will definitely add more deposit. Thanks, xx.

    • Hello, please kindly check your email. We already sent the information. Thank you.

  28. Hello Will,
    I was introduced to mam-pamm on
    facebook by a friend named Diego Acras
    and i was told i could make 100%-500%
    monthly if i pay mam-pamm to
    trade for me. Now my Question is:
    1) how can i be sure this isn’t a scam?
    2) if i should invest $10000 how much will i
    make monthly on average?
    (i need a detailed info about this question)
    3) i also want to establish a forex service in
    which people will pay
    to me so that i can trade for them just like
    the same way i want
    mam-pamm to trade for me, is it possible?
    4) Is it possble to make at least 500%
    monthly when you trade for me?
    (i want nothing less than 500%)
    5) How can i get a detailed information
    about how profits are shared
    and how much i can make?
    6) how much is your EA?
    Babasola Emmanuel

    • Hello Babasola, please kindly check your email. We already answered your questions. Thank you.

  29. Sir, I don’t know how to say thank you for the profit you make on my account this month. Let me know when you accept the profit share so we can start trading for the next trade soon. Thank you.

    • Hello Bulent, thank you for the account details. We’re still trading on your account. Let’s make more profit this month. Thank you

    • Hello Manuel. Yes, you can. Please kindly check your email. We already sent the details. Thank you.

  30. Hello sir,
    I’m trader .but your win rate sounds very good.
    I want to know more infos .myfxbook verify? How to join? Minimum deposit? Can use my own broker?
    Thank for your answer

  31. I win 5000$ in the first day as Mr William Garnett trade like a pro. I still waiting my withdrawal. Thank you, you will get your profits soon.

  32. Sir ji, thank you for 5000 USD profits in my account…
    Good system……
    Very good system!!
    Mr. Garnett really care client fund he makes their accounts more profit…..
    you can trust this person and get big money.

  33. I just want to say that Mr William is a real Mam-Pamm manager. I deposit of $2500 in my acc and just 1 day trade he made more then $5000 profit. May God bless you for this good job, Mr William. Thank you very much.

      • Por favor enviarme información en español …gracias
        Please send me information in spanish please

        • Hola, le enviamos un correo electrónico. Por favor, compruebe su bandeja de entrada.

  34. Good job, Will! I’m ready to get higher profit share right now. Thanks for the profit you made on my account!

  35. I’ve been using this Mampamm fund management since 2015, and happy with the results. No need to analyse myself, they’re doing great and professional. I recommend you all to join this service.

  36. Hi Dylan, I though we had the same profit this month, congrats! This week results are also great, nice trades, Will.

  37. Sir I want start this forex trade but how I use this first money.

  38. Hi Will, your share has been sent, check your email & your Skrill account. Please start trading & making profit again. Thanks!!!

  39. Hi, this is Manuel from Australia. I’ve been joining your fund management since December. Almost a half of year, and everything goes well, I can repay my debts etc. Can’t wait for this month share. Thank you for your service.

  40. What is the minimum amount to start trading with your system? and how does one get hold of it?

  41. hello sir….i have 5000usd i would like to invest how do i join you and make profit.

    • Great job, William. My balance is reaching $20,000 and the dd is still low. I’m ready to get higher profit share right now. Thanks for the profit you made on my account!

  42. 150% a month sounds impossible at first. After seeing your performance on myfxbook I decided to join them. It’s been 2 months & still making profit consistently. It’s about 400% profit I think. keep doing great job!

  43. Please help me to get started, I have no experience in trading, but I am really interested. I am from South Africa, what is the lowest amount you accept for me to start trading. I see other people mentioning brokers , what are all those, please explain, I also want to be part of this..

    • Hi Thulisile,
      We have replied your inquiry by email. Please check your inbox or spam/junk message. Thank you.

  44. Hello Mr William. Am delighted to be your follower on twitter and have been enjoying your post. However, i have a quick questions:
    1. Apart from your listed brokers, can you mange my acct (FXDMTrader NZ already funded $4000) with 1:200 Leverage and 4pips Spread for majors?
    2. I notice you dont use stoploss, what if price drop heavy in your opposite direction?
    3. In-case you lose my account, is there any probability that you will help fund my account again and continue trading for me?

    NOTE: Am asking this 3rd question because early this year a friend introduce me to some south african managers who makes 1000%/month. At first it was working good as they always multiply their orders but few weeks later, he lost clients accts and went hiding till this day. Unfortunately, all my 10friends i introduce with over $70k lost but i dont want to give up until i found you via twitter.

    4. What are your terms and conditions?

    Await your fast reply.


  45. please i will like to fine out if you can allow me to use my broker and also give me a link or investor password where i can follow your trade progress before i invest. because i have come across so many traders that promise to trade or tripple account within a month and at the end of the day they will destroy they account.

  46. Everything goes well so far. I start investing on July, and have made thousands dollar every month. Even there were some losses which I hated it a lot, but overall their performance is great, is superb. It was my 5th profit sharing yesterday, great result. Keep increasing my account, Sir.

  47. hi there. I have question concerning your EA that you are selling for $2500. I want to know if it is the same EA you are using in the result you tweets on your website or the daily result you poste on facebook. I mean the one that gives you pips from 9pips to 15pips. Thank you.

    • Hello Alamu. We have replied your inquiry via email. Please check your inbox or spam. Thank you.

  48. Sir
    What is your charges ?
    Can you please explqin in detail
    Can you give me any account’s login id and password to see your progress

  49. Hi, today I want to say well done to this man. They are extremely good. They multiply my account in more than 300% in 3 days… I said 3days. They are good. I will definitely transfer there share of the profit and continue trading.

  50. I opened an account with hotforex…. what name is used for as fund manager with hotforex?

  51. (1)thank you for your reply. I can see only EURUSD in the tweet on your page. is it the only pair you trade. what about other pairs you mentioned on your page like Gbpusd, usdjpy.
    (2) What is the lot size that you use for $10,000 account. Thank you.

  52. Hi another question if i invest 2500 dollar with you what are the terms of profit and loss . Plaese guide me and reply send me your office address in melvourne

  53. I would love to get to know this system, I’m new to trading but very interested.

  54. Hi,

    This sounds very impressive. Almost too impressive…. Can you run your system on a demo account for me before I invest? If you can prove your system over 4 weeks I will give you £250k to trade for me.

    How much do you charge?
    Do I give you my broker account or give you funds directly?

    Where are you based?

    Are you regulated in anyway or do you use a loophole?


    • I can say that it is the best.
      It really earns profit. 5 days, I get 30% profit.
      Be more blessed

  55. I really appreciate your work Mr. Garnett.
    You made $23,000 just in a month!
    Now, I can pay my debt and enjoy my vacation.
    I hope you can make a huge profit again in this month, thank you.

  56. Thanks Mampamm, I was using your service last month. My account just made $10000 profit only 3 weeks, and it is really great. I hope we can make some cooperation again with your team soon. Thank you.

    • Dear cn, Yes it’s real. We have sent you an email about our system. Thank you.

    • Our system is totally run automatic to make profit our clients’ account. If you are interested, you can go to mampamm.com/howtostart/
      Thank You.

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